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24 hour Emergency
(306) 777-9800

Incidents or emergencies at or
near TransGas pipelines or

Customer Services Administration: General and specific inquiries relating to daily and monthly statements, invoices, allocations, contracts, nominations, measurement and daily balancing.

Administrative Inquiries (306) 777-9900
Weekends and Holidays (306) 537-0926
Sharla Sparvier (Manager, Customer Services) (306) 777-9805
Email: - Contract inquiries
  - Other inquiries

Customer Services: Existing customer requests for amended transportation and storage services, and inquiries relating to contract terms and conditions, policies and rates.

Alyssa Stoeck (Key Account Manager) (306) 777-9501
Alexis Schmidt (Key Account Manager) (306) 777-9687
Tanya Lang (Director, Customer Services)  (306) 777-9811

Customer Facility Requests: New and existing customer requests for information relating to new facility, construction, tie-ins, queue position and new business opportunities.

Michael McMurray (Manager)   (306) 777-9489
Alicia Glines (Leader)   (306) 777-9436
Andres Moreno (Business Analyst)   (306) 777-9563

Public Awareness: Inquiries relating to public awareness issues and activities and natural gas safety.

Graham Biletski (Land and Public Awareness Coordinator) (306) 777-9147

Crossing Coordination: Inquiries relating to working on or near high-pressure natural gas pipelines and requests for permits to cross TransGas pipelines.

Crossing Coordinator (Engineering and Technology) (306) 777-9666


(306) 777-9146

Operations: Inquiries relating to daily transportation, compression and storage field operations.
Call toll-free 1-877-TRANSGAS (872-6742) during office hours or contact a specific district at the following numbers:

Peter MacLachlan (General Manager Operations, North Area) Asquith (306) 280-3072
Dean Ranford (General Manager Operations, Coleville Area) Regina (306) 537-6648
Glen Brule (General Manager Operations, Regina Area) Regina (306) 536-4761
Karel Larson (General Manager Operations, Saskatoon Area) Saskatoon (306) 975-8554
Mike Rossiter (General Manager Operations, South West Area) Swift Current (306) 741-0335
Perry Gurski (General Manager Operations, South East Area) Yorkton (306) 786-2363
Scott Terlson (Executive Director, Operations)     (306) 536-1104
Randy Greggains (VP - Operations) (306) 777-9233
Cellular: (306) 527-2639

Corporate Affairs/Media Contacts: Inquiries relating to media events and public information.

Dave Burdeniuk (Director, Government and Media Relations) (306) 777-9842
Cellular: (306) 535-6569
Casey MacLeod (Senior Communications Officer) (306) 777-9722
Cellular: (306) 527-9274

Careers: Inquiries relating to careers with TransGas.

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