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This information subject to Terms and Conditions for electronic business in TransGas' tariff.
Additional Cost Recovery

Within its Tariff, TransGas may require the recovery of additional costs incurred for services rendered. This is required for services that initiate at the Nova Inventory Transfer (NIT) point. In addition to the standard R11.0, R11.1, R19.0 and R90.0 receipt tolls, charges for additional cost recovery on services that initiate at NIT will be as follows:
Effective Date: February 1, 2018
Service Type Term Demand Charge (per GJ/d per month) Commodity Charge (per GJ) Unit Rate at 100% LF. (per GJ)
Long Term Firm 1 to 2 years $5.690 - $0.1871
  3 to 4 years $5.406 - $0.1777
  5 + years $5.121 - $0.1684
Short Term Firm - $5.690 - $0.1871
Interruptible - - $0.2058 $0.2058