My TransGas (QPTM)
Pandemic Plan


A Pandemic Plan has been developed which is intended to be used as a guide by all SaskEnergy/ TransGas employees in the event of an influenza pandemic; a worldwide outbreak of influenza. In the event of a pandemic, SaskEnergy/TransGas will take direction from the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health.

Emergency management and overall system recovery will be enhanced if essential services are maintained without significant interruption. Keeping people healthy, informed, and working is the main goal of this plan.

While a pandemic response is primarily a public health response, Saskatchewan Crown corporations, provincial agencies and organizations, and private businesses will need to work in a coordinated and collaborative manner to ensure an effective overall response in our province. The Company has built this Plan in accordance with guidelines from the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health and the planning process has included consultation with other Crown corporations where applicable. The Pandemic Preparedness team for the Company and other Saskatchewan Crowns communicate on a regular basis and have shared the pandemic plans for their respective organizations. This cooperation has improved the harmonization of preventative strategies, improved communication, and enhanced the operational coordination of critical infrastructure.

This Pandemic Preparedness Plan includes sections for the following business units:

  • Human Resources Capital Guidelines
  • Distribution Utility
  • TransGas
  • Internal / External Communications
  • Information Systems
  • Buildings
The Pandemic Preparedness Plan will be implemented upon direction of the President and Chief Executive Officer. The Plan will remain in effect until such time as the President and Chief Executive Officer declares the threat minimized.

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