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January 5, 2003


Enhancements to Shipper and Storage Web-Applications


We’re making changes to serve you better.


Effective January 6th, the following applications will be enhanced to allow for the entry of an effective date:

  • Shipper Imbalance Summary
  • Shipper Imbalance Summary Detail
  • Shipper Tolerance
  • Storage Summary
  • Storage Detail

This change will allow customers to view up to three months of historical information.


As well, we will be changing the default date in all the Shipper and Storage applications to be today at 9:00 am rather than tomorrow at 9:00 am. The exception to this is the Daily Detail page which will default to yesterday thereby providing the detail leading up to today’s balance.


You, our customers, told us that these changes would make the applications more effective for the way you view your account and conduct your business.


If you have any questions please call your Key Account Manager, Debbie Brown at 306-777-9687 or Chris Uhren at 306-777-9501.

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