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April 15, 2004

TransGas Rates and Fuel Gas and Losses Assessment Changes


TransGas wishes to announce a reduction to its Fuel Gas and Losses Assessment effective May 01, 2004, and remind customers of the previously announced rate adjustments also effective May 01, 2004.

Effective May 01, 2004, the TransGas Transportation Unaccounted For and Fuel Gas Assessment, in aggregate, will decrease to zero (0.00 percent) from the existing 0.50 percent. This change reflects a decrease in the Unaccounted For Gas (UFG) Assessment from 0.00 percent to negative 0.50 percent. This is being done to return to shippers the balance which has accumulated in the deferral account for UFG. The fuel gas assessment will remain at its present level of 0.50 percent, resulting in the aggregate assessment of zero percent.


Also, the final toll adjustment associated with the commercial movement of storage to TEP will occur on May 01, 2004. Storage was commercially moved to TEP on May 01, 2003, but the required toll changes were phased in over 2003 and 2004 to mitigate the negative impact on some customers. The May 01, 2004 revenue neutral final adjustment will see most transportation tolls increasing by approximately 4 percent, while the storage tolls will decrease by approximately 11 percent.  

If you have any questions with respect to how the rate adjustment or the UFG adjustment will affect you, please contact your Key Account Manager, Debbie Brown at (306) 777-9687, or Chris Uhren at (306) 777-9501. If you have more general questions regarding the changes, please contact our Policies, Rates and Regulations Department: Gary Johannsson at (306) 777 9560, or Vern Gorr at (306) 777-9556. Top Of Page