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Project Overview
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Project Overview

Residential, commercial, and industrial customer growth in the City of Saskatoon and surrounding areas has increased demand for natural gas in the region. In order to meet this demand, TransGas Limited (a subsidiary of SaskEnergy) is building a 62-kilometre transmission pipeline to enhance the natural gas transport capacity. The pipeline, which will run south of Saskatoon, is an effective and economical way to add transport capacity to the provincial TransGas system, and connect new developments in the area.

The selected pipeline route was designed after considering the information gathered through a stakeholder engagement process, as well as: existing and future gas infrastructure requirements; environmental, cultural, and socio-economic impacts; land use; development potential; construction feasibility; and technical constraints.

During prior planning stages, several routing options were thoroughly examined in order to identify a route that best balanced the impact to land owners, stakeholders, planned future land use development, the environment and the ability to provide safe and reliable natural gas to the province of Saskatchewan. Wherever feasible, TransGas worked to “corridor” existing land disturbances, rights-of-ways, and other linear landscape features. More than 50 per cent of the route for this project corridors existing infrastructure, a fireguard along the Department of National Defense’s Dundurn Military Base, and existing boundaries such as property lines.

Stakeholder engagement is an important aspect of all our projects. TransGas continually invests in Saskatchewan, and believes strongly in working together with communities as projects are being developed and implemented.


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