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South Saskatoon Pipeline Project
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South Saskatoon Pipeline Project

The South Saskatoon pipeline project involves the installation of a 62-kilometre, 20-inch natural gas pipeline from east of Vanscoy, to a tie-in point on our existing system located east of Saskatoon near Patience Lake.

The high-pressure pipeline is being constructed in two phases, please see the attached map which highlights both phases. Phase one began in September 2018, and was completed in December 2018. As part of this phase, approximately 28.5 kilometres of pipeline was installed, including 1.3 kilometres that were installed via horizontal directional drilling under the South Saskatchewan River.

The remaining pipeline, approximately 33.5 kilometres, will be installed during phase two, which is expected to begin as early as May 2019. Pipeline construction is scheduled to be completed in fall 2019, with the pipeline beginning to transport natural gas in 2019. Prior to resuming construction in 2019, a TransGas representative will be in contact with affected landowners.

Maintaining ongoing communication with directly impacted landowners is important to TransGas. As the South Saskatoon project progresses, we will be providing construction updates and photos on the project website. Should you have any questions about the project, we ask that you please contact the TransGas project team at

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