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Biddable Incremental Firm Injection

TransGas provides storage service based on firm contracted capacity and contracted withdrawal. As part of the rights associated with withdrawal, a customer also obtains rights to firm injection service (Base Firm Injection), at no extra charge, on a declining basis as the customerís contracted capacity becomes filled.

In addition to Base Firm Injection, TransGas may offer any excess monthly injection capability, in the form of Biddable Incremental Firm Injection Service, to its storage customers or their duly appointed agents.

To submit a bid, please fill out a Bid Form and either submit electronically or fax to:

Manager, Customer Services
Fax number (306) 789-6224

For more information on Biddable Incremental Firm Injection and the bidding process, see Biddable Incremental Firm Injection Service or contact Customer Services.

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