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TransGas’ natural gas underground storage facilities consist of depleted gas fields and solution-mined salt caverns. There are 8 storage locations on the TransGas system providing 49.2 PJ of firm storage capacity. The diverse nature of the storage facilities provides a traditionally reliable storage service. Storage customers can select Firm, Interruptible and Summer Use storage service contracts with terms as short as one month. Customers specify their own combination of storage volume and withdrawal rate, giving them the flexibility to design storage services to meet their unique requirements.

TransGas Storage Service

TransGas offers a storage service with flexibility to meet the needs of its end-use natural gas customers, natural gas producers, marketers and aggregators. Although the storage facilities are situated in several locations throughout Saskatchewan, TransGas storage customers are not required to contract at a specific storage site. All TransGas storage customers benefit from the flexibility and reliability that these diversified facilities provide.

Storage Locations

TransGas operates several storage locations around the province of Saskatchewan conveniently located to the gas fields, major centres and border points.