My TransGas (QPTM)



TransGas Limited owns and operates the transmission utility and has the exclusive legislated franchise to transport natural gas within Saskatchewan. It also owns and operates a non-regulated gas storage business. TransGas Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SaskEnergy Incorporated; a provincial Crown Corporation governed by The SaskEnergy Act.

Oversight and direction of the business is carried out by TransGas’ Board of Directors, while the daily operation of business is conducted by Management. The Crown Investments Corporation also has authority to set broad direction for Crown Corporations and their subsidiaries through its legislation and policies.

Board of Directors Management

Crown Investments Corporation

In the case of a Crown Corporation, the Corporation's Board of Directors provides general or overarching guidance and direction, while the Corporation's CEO has full management responsibility for all day-to-day operations. In Saskatchewan, there is an additional intermediary between a Crown Corporation such as SaskEnergy and the Legislative Assembly, known as the Crown Investments Corporation of Saskatchewan (CIC).

CIC is the holding company for the designated commercial Crown Corporations and other CIC Crown Corporations, and exercises supervisory powers over these Crown Corporations. CIC has its own Minister, Board of Directors and CEO.

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