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Developers and Community Expansion

Planning to dig?
Sask1stCall (1-866-828-4888) requires 48 hours notice to locate facilities.

New Development
New urban development may impact the operation of pipelines facilities and the transmission of natural gas. These implications are considerably different from those of a single building project.

TransGas pipeline routes may have an impact on how communities can expand.

When new development occurs near TransGas pipelines, that development may affect the way TransGas operates that pipeline.

The timing of the development is important for any engineering assessments and for planning any required changes to the pipeline system. The following are examples of changes that may be required as a result of development near the pipeline:

Pipeline reroute (charges may apply)
Pipe replacement (charges may apply)
Hydrostatic testing Installation of additional block valve(s)

Some changes may result in outages to the natural gas transmission system in this area. Outages require extensive planning to maintain service to TransGas customers. Sometimes an outage is not possible so communication with TransGas regarding development timing is essential.

Factors that may influence the pipeline operation are:

development location in proximity to the pipelines,
development size,
development type, and
development timing.

Preliminary Planning
Communicate with TransGas Crossing Coordination while in the preliminary stages of planning so you will know how close you can build to a pipeline. No permanent structures are permitted on the TransGas right-of-way.

Recommended Setback and Utility Corridor Requirements

Who to Contact
Rural and urban municipalities may use a set of processes regarding development within their boundaries. A description of these processes and more information about community planning and statemnets of provincial interest can be found at:

For developers that would like to make inquiries to TransGas please contact:

Crossing Coordination
Ph: (306) 777-9666



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