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Pipeline Issues & Activities

Know the Ground Rules
If you plan activity within 30 metres of the pipeline right of way, you must consult with TransGas before moving ahead. Some approvals may take longer than others, so plan ahead. This includes calling us in advance when you need to for projects such as:

Operating non-agricultural heavy vehicles or equipment on the right-of-way where no roadway exists, this may require berming or bridging over the pipeline right-of-way
Installing fence posts
Use of explosives in the proximity of the pipeline
Deep sub-soil, drainage ditches or burying of rock and bush piles
Any excavating within 30 metres of the pipeline right-of-way
Creating goose pits

This list of activities is intended only as a guideline.

If you are in doubt about a planned activity, please call 1-(306)-777-9666.

Planning a project near piplelines?

Open Houses
TransGas regularly hosts open houses at their district field facilities. Invited guests include emergency responders from neighbouring communities and local landowners.

Guests are provided with a tour of the compressor station and a presentation on TransGas' operations.

TransGas realizes the importance of educating the public about pipeline operations and appropriate safety procedures. We believe that the public should not only be aware of how to avoid a pipeline incident, but also how to react if they are ever faced with a pipeline emergency situation.

Transmission Operations recognize that in an emergency, First Responders play a critical role. We will define the actions necessary when faced with an emergency situation and will detail the role of TransGas employees, police and fire fighters who may be on the scene.




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