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The Consequences of a Pipeline Contact

Accidental contact with transmission pipelines creates an extremely dangerous situation and may result in serious consequences for contractors, customers and the general public.

Some of the consequences of accidental contact with a natural gas pipeline include:

Fire or explosion causing injury or property damage;
Disruption of an essential service;
Loss of construction time;
Responsibility for repair costs;
Personal liability for damages.

Even a slight scrape or dent to a pipeline or pipeline coating must be reported to TransGas since this damage may lead to further deterioration of the pipeline and an eventual leak or rupture at the damaged location. Underground natural gas pipelines are safe when some simple precautions are taken. Contractors and landowners are responsible for ensuring that they know what utility lines are located in the area they intend to excavate. TransGas will assist in this process by identifying pipeline locations. This will enable contractors and landowners to avoid contact with the pipeline and the consequences listed above. Please refer to the Call Before You Dig section for the procedures to be followed in locating pipelines.

Contractors and landowners should be aware that under provisions in the SaskEnergy Act, they will be held liable for 150% of the cost to repair any damage to the pipeline.




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