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Working Near Pipelines

You must obtain permission to perform work over, near or across TransGas natural gas transmission pipelines.

To do so follow this process:

1. Contact Sask1stCall and request a locate of all TransGas pipelines in your work area. If you have a written project plan indicating where your excavation or construction project will be relative to the TransGas pipeline, please email in your request, along with your project plan to Sask1stCall.

2. Sask1stCall will then notify TransGas to locate the pipeline and if required, TransGas will notify you to apply for a permit to work within the vacinity of the high pressure pipeline.

3. Applications must be approved prior to work activity. The TransGas Crossing Coordinator will authorize the activity and will stipulate any conditions you must meet. The Coordinator will also assign you a permit number and indicate the TransGas contact person for your project. You are required to have your permit and your Sask1stCall ticket # with you at the work site.

If you are planning any work near a transmission pipeline right-of-way, a permit may be required. A TransGas representative must be on site at all times during construction within 10 metres of the high pressure natural gas pipeline.

New Permit Application



Send your request for project approval to:

TransGas Limited Crossing Coordinator
Engineering and Technology
600 - 1777 Victoria Avenue
Regina, SK
S4P 4K5

Phone: 306-777-9666


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