My TransGas (QPTM)
System Maintenance

Keeping Our Pipeline System Safe
TransGas has an excellent record of safety and reliability. Using engineering analysis, assessments and investigative programs, to prioritize our system inspection and maintenance activities provide TransGas with a solid foundation to continue with providing safe and reliable service. TransGas is an active participant in industry-sponsored research associations such as Pipeline Research Council International Inc. (PRCI) and the Canadian Energy Pipelines Association (CEPA).

TransGas shares and collaborates in research with the pipeline industry and assists with developing the scope of the research to address needs specific to our system. Research results on stress corrosion cracking, in-line inspection, defect and risk assessment and mechanical damage have been invaluable in extending the useful life of our system. Corresponding enhancements we make to our maintenance programs greatly increase our ability to economically keep our system safe and reliable.





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